Hi Scotty
My Name is Andrew
i have a honda civic 2008 LX 1.8 Automatic Transmission
im correcntly having a soft pedal issue ive seen on the net what can be related to this problem and so far i have managed to do a bleed system for all 4 brakes and ive replaced the ABS pump ( modulator ) after ive bleed the system i still have a soft pedal while the car is operating i've visited the honda dealer and he told me about the ABS modulator pump internal leak
Since its an expensive part 1000$+ ive managed to locate a working part and replace it by my self for 400$
ive checked on the net that on the car there is a build in check valve inside the Brake booster so i have no option to validate if hes working properly only to check if the brake booster is fine according to the 3 different check's with the engine off and on and see if the pedal doesn't come up and if its hard enough Now it leaves me only with the Master cylinder since i dont have access to the proper tools and gauges to check if it works properly can you tell me if there is any way to check it on the car ? and tell me please if im missing anything else
Huge Tnx

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Thank you very much
ill try replacing the master cylinder hopefully itll solve the soft pedal :)
Tnx again



no real way to check it on your car without a honda dealer scan tool and years of experience. I would just try a new master and pray