Hi Scotty My kid has a 2013 VW Beetle 2013 2.5L, she had rear-ended someone about 2 years ago…


Hi Scotty

My kid has a 2013 VW Beetle 2013 2.5L, she had rear-ended someone about 2 years ago but I am not sure anything was replaced in the HVAC system.

Her ac stopped working and the repair shop said 1200 bucks for a compressor. Anyhow, I researched this model and found that RCV could be the issue. I replaced, vacuumed to -28 for hour and let it sit for an hour, no leaks, 19oz r134a, and the AC was cold for a week. Then it was randomly blowing 101 degrees, put it on non-recirculation and it would cool down to 45 degrees out of the vent at times but not every time. This past weekend I then replaced the ac pressure switch, it worked for 3 days perfectly zero flaws. She drove to San Marcos on Tuesday, it was prefect all day. The next day it was a delayed ac start, then stopped working all the way home minus a few minutes. This morning it was perfect, then at 3pm she went to gym..it was hot 101 degrees vent temp, 5 minutes later its cooling/cold.

When I changed the RCV there was a small spec of metal, like a pencil lead size on the screen of the rcv. I have another RCV I could install.

This car has a Manual ac it is not Climatronic. When the ac is running my gauges read 40 over 200, and it blows 42-44. When it is not running it will be 80/150 on the gauges.

These variable displacement compressors I cant figure out, I assume that since it is cold at one point it is working fine, is that a bad assumption?

This native Houstonian needs some advice please.

Thank you,



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I have a vag com tool, it shows no faults either when blowing cold or hot. I was thinking reed valve sticking in the compressor.



realize VWs have insanely complex HVAC systems, all computer run. I just read a book on them and it would make everyone never buy an AC equipped bug if they knew all that info. Those variable displacement compressors are all computer run with 5 volt reference solenoids and very complex software. ONLY a VW expert with a dealer scan tool can really make any sense of them when they break down like that.