Hi Scotty,
My friend's Citroen car version 1KFRE (2007) cranks but does not start. I checked Spark as you advised (I saw spark, so it is OK), Crank sensor (2050 Ohm, so OK), battery full (12.78 V, so it is OK). However, once the car is cranked, I can see the spark plug being wet with unleaded (gasoline) so I think that the fuel pump is fine. I am going to check again if I can hear some "wishing" sound from the pump when the fuel tank lid is open today. All fuses were checked one by one and all are OK.

Could you advise is there any possible things I could check more ?

Many thanks,


if plugs are wet, pump is working. Often those either blow head gaskets or fuel injectors get old and spray too much gas in and flood the engine out. If starting fluid does not start it, check those first