Hi Scotty, my car AC is not working after changing to a new compressor

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Hi Scotty,

My Car
2006 Acura TSX
Mileage: approximately 205,000

Recently my ac started blowing hot. I decided to investigate it myself and took out my ac compressor. I came to find it was crack, with a hole puncture the size of your thumb. I assumed I needed to replace the compressor, so I did. I purchased a new compressor from Autozone. The compressor came with 3oz of oil so I added 4 more ounce (wasn’t too sure how much I needed). I put everything back the way I removed it. I purchased one of those Freon recharge ac from Walmart and added to my ac system. It blew cold quickly after, then suddenly I had a bunch of Freon just leaked out of the car (I was inside so I couldn’t tell exactly where it came out from, but it was coming out from the right side while I was sitting inside the car). I assumed I may have added too much Freon. I didn’t not turn the ac on again until the next morning, which it blew out Freon two more times. After it did not blow out anymore. I drove my car for less than a week, and it started to blow hold again. It first blew hot on the left vent of my car while the right sided vents were still blowing cold. Then it would go back to just blowing hot for all the vents and the cold air would come back here and then. Suddenly it just completely stop blowing cold. After, when I would turn the ac on, you would hear a clicking noise from the compressor. I assumed the compressor became faulty and removed it from my car and got a new one as it was still on warranty.

After receiving the new compressor, I add the same amount of oil and put it back on my car the same way I removed it. Only this time, I did not turn the ac on at all as I wanted to take it to the shop to have them professional add the Freon. After 40 mins of dropping it off to the shop, they called me stating it couldn’t be fix. I asked why and his replied was, “your car made a roaring sound that I’ve never heard before when I hooked up the ac machine, and it was not taking up the Freon”.

I decided to take my car back home.

I’ve come to the following list of why it may not have worked properly..

1.) I did not add enough PAG oil
2.) I didn’t vacuum flush the system prior to adding the new compressor
3.) electrical issue
4.) hose clogged up or somewhere in the system is clogged

I travel with my car daily as part of my job and would appreciate greatly if you have any idea(s) of what’s wrong with my car or how I can diagnose it to find the problem. My last resort is to take it to the shop, which really don’t want to if I can do it myself.

Thank you!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


odds are too much oil, which also ruins a system. I would flush the entire system out to remove Everything, then replace the ac drier and install a factory load of refrigerant and AC oil, then pray. That old thing could have tons of problems, like expansion valve or worn condenser