Hi Scotty! My 3S-GE 94 Celica is going crazy again :( Car is going into limp mode again for no…


Hi Scotty! My 3S-GE 94 Celica is going crazy again :( Car is going into limp mode again for no reason at very random. Check engine light goes on, rpms get limited but there is no code stored! It goes into limp mode sometimes after 30min of driving, sometimes after 3 hours, sometimes after 3 days! There is no pattern at all to it! Limp mode ONLY goes away when car not driven for 5-6 hours. Even reseting ECU doesn't make it go away. What do you think might cause it?

When I unplugged TPS sensor i did get code 41 so code reading works fine, but i don't get any codes when it gets to limp mode. It says Code 1 - Normal Condition.

I get codes from OBD1 by bridging two ports in diagnostic box - TE1 and E1. Weird part is - when these two are connected, car is in diagnostic mode but when i try to start the engine with these two bridged - car stalls after 1-2 seconds! It shouldnt happen since you need these two bridged to set ignition timing for example.

I have read a lot in repair manual and i don't think you can get Check Engine / Limp Mode without any code. Especially on OBD1, i dont think they give check engine for emissions. Also there is nothing about limp mode in repair manual...

Do you think my ECU is going nuts? Car battery completely died one time and issues with the car started month after. What do you think it might be? I have changed all the sensors in the car, checked wiring to ECU, looked fine. Do you think i need new ECU? Thank you for your time.

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wiring or ecu is probably going bad. Realize any sensor goes bad or sensor wiring, that can short out the computer and make it go bad. On Toyotas, rarely do computers go bad on their own