Hi Scotty,

My 2006 Civic LX A/C gauge readings as follow:
Idling: Low pressure - 45 --- High pressure: 210
At 2500 RPM: Low: 25 --- High 275

The system is blowing a bit cold but not enough to keep up with the Phoenix,AZ heat :)
Are the readings abnormal? What should they be?
Thank you.

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Hi Scotty,

I replaced the compressor, condenser (with drier), expansion valve (all Denso). I only kept the evaporator core (OEM) because it was in good shape. I added the PAG 46 oil to the manufacturer recommendation, and later the refrigerant. The system is not cooling properly (all fans are working fine). PAG oil used: A/C condenser 50 mL/1.66 fl oz Evaporator 40 mL/1.33 fl oz Line or hose, 10 mL/.33 fl oz each The compressor came with oil from factory.

What may be wrong? Have I added too much oil?

Thank you, Marcos



not too far off for that temp. Odds are compressor is just worn out