hi scotty

me again haha

i managed to fix the 1998 malibu, the problem was a bad ECU. replaced with one form ebay that was preflashed. works good!

i want to ask about a whole other car

my 87 camaro is making cracking and popping sounds when at low rpm, and doesnt want to go to higher rpms at all. barly wants to move...

i thought it might be the disturber... could this be the problem?

also when i brake lightly its disk brakes in front make a cracking kinda sound... sounds like a squeaky mattress spring.. best way to describe it.. Lol

thanks for reading :)

old camaros make noise, if nothing is worn when you jack it up and pull on the wheels, spray WD 40 on all the springs and bushings. As for not running, yea check the dist first and also check the fuel pump for correct pressure

Would a plugged up old fuel filter do this ? I don't think anybody's replaced it in all 30 years of its life.... I have thought maybe it's it's ecm... I did a test I learned on YouTube if you unplug the mass airflow sensor and the engine shuts off. Its working. And If you unplug it and it's staying on. Means the mass airflow sensor is dead.... I replaced the airflow sensor, with a ac delco stock rebuilt... and it did not shut off .......

Thanka for reading Scotty!