Hi Scotty, love your videos.I was thinking about getting a nicer older summer ride, I already have a Honda civic for winter.
Honda and Toyota are reliable but boring and to be honest for me, there is really nothing that unique about them. (The Supra and NSX are outta my price range) so I was looking at a Jaguar 2003 XK8 convertible with the newer 4.2 engine. Is this a decent car, or just a money pit that I should avoid from at all costs.... any suggestions?

Forget the Jag, they’re money pits when that old. However, I do have one suggestion: Lexus SC300. It’s a cheaper alternative if you wanted the Supra in the first place, so it has the same “2JZ-GE” engine from the Base Model Supra. Unlike the Jag, the SC300 won’t give you any problems and they’re cheaper to maintain, too.


OK great what about a 2002 Lexus SC 430...any good?

If you find one that’s been taken care of, they can be great cars in general.

Thanks a lot JDM :)