Hi Scotty,

Love your videos! Currently stymied on diagnosing an issue: my 2000 Toyota Echo (210k miles) jogs to the side just slightly for about a tenth of a second, started happening maybe once every 100 miles, now it's more like once every 20-40. Usually happens on on-ramps, but it's happened going straight a couple times. Usually goes right, but it's gone left twice. If it's on a curve, it's always in the opposite direction of the one I'm turning. Never enough to go more than a few inches to the side, but the sudden swerving motion is still pretty unnerving.

Tires show massive camber wear (inside edges, worse on driver's side). Some squeaking from the front end on uneven roads, but no clunking.

After some unsuccessful troubleshooting, I took it to two different mechanics and got two completely different diagnoses. One says it's a power steering issue (rack and pinion), other says it's bad ball joints. I think the ball joints probably do need replacing, but not sure they could cause this problem on their own--and before pouring money into repairs, want to have some idea how many repairs I may be facing. Any thoughts on ways to narrow it down?


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Thanks, Scotty! Third opinion it is!


classic signs of worn front end parts. Either steering rack or ball joints would do that. Go to another alignment speciality guy, and he can show you with it up on the lift what is worn, he can test ball joints AND rack for wear and play in front of you.