HI Scotty! Love your videos and have been watching enough to know that 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab…


HI Scotty!

Love your videos and have been watching enough to know that 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie (4x2) is not the first vehicle you would have recommended but I bought it in 2011 from Sewell Subaru with only 19k miles and got a decent deal on it. It has a 5.9L Hemi V8 with an automatic OD transmission and currently has only 89,000 miles on it.

History and background: The truck has been fairly rock solid since I bought it with only maintenance items being done until middle of 2018 when I had to replace A/C unit and water pump, but at that time I had a MFG warranty on it so the cost was nothing at that time.

I am now having issues with the blend doors for A/C and Heat not wanting to open close properly. I’ve gone through the YouTube channels enough to know that the blend doors are weakness on this truck and have determined that they all probably need to be replaced at this point.

I have found a company that makes good replacements of these doors and they say it doesn’t require the dash to be removed but with my “fat ass” and stomach there is no way I do some the things they discussed in the videos.Some videos prefer removing the dash to get them all done at one time and replace heater core at the same time as a precautionary event.

My question to you is if you think that the cost of replacement is worth it on this truck? Also, I’d like to know if you have anyone in the area of Collin County, Texas that you trust to do the kind of honest car repair you do or if you’d be willing to do the work that it takes to replace these doors? I live in Allen, TX and would be willing to bring it to Houston if you think it’s something you might if you think it’s worth it.

The link for the company that makes the doors for replacement is listed below

I appreciate the feedback and cannot wait for your thoughts.

Thanks for the great videos, advice and great one-liners.

Sincerely, Kilroy1800

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Thanks for the reminder Techsus (already watched this video) , but as I indicated, I bought the truck in 2011 and it's been paid off for three years, so if you're indicating I should throw away all the equity in my truck because of blend doors, you must be a multi-Millionaire in order to afford that kind of turn over in vehicles. My question to Scotty still stands and I'll wait for him to reply on HIS suggestion please.


good grief. Scotty just posted this YESTERDAY, proclaiming Dodge Ram the worst truck in the History of Trucks: The End of Dodge Ram Trucks, What Went Wrong Scotty Kilmer The End of Dodge Ram Trucks, What Went Wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oc5TQqj5OA