Hi Scotty Love your videos and attitude.
I have a 2003 gmc envoy xlt 4wd. got it used and was running great but fuel gage didn't work. Changed fuel pump and fixed tank that was broke at filler neck. As soon as I restarted the vehicle the car ran like crap missing and shaking and takes off slow will go full speed but misses badly all the time. only code right now is p0300 and I have the following that has been changed. cam sensor, crank sensor, all spark plugs, (coils all verified good and no carbon traces), new intake gasket and all new fuel injectors. The cam crank strainer spool (not sure the name of it) was cleaned, fuel filter changed and pressure is right where the dealer said it needs to be. the air filter and oil and oil filter were also changed. This was all done to remove anything that was questionable. The battery was verified good and a separate ground was used to verify not a grounding issues from engine to battery and engine to frame. I am tired of wasting money. Can you tell me what is really going on here and can it just be something done to tank or in that area?

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those are notorious as having problems with the fuel injection systems, plastic crap and when that old, generally the entire system on the engine needs replacing. see that a LOt