Hi Scotty,

Love the show, and your videos. It has been a great help with car repair!

I am thinking of buying my first muscle car, a 1983 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a rebuilt chevy 350 engine.

The body looks good, I need to look at it in person but they claim it has a straight frame.

The interior looks good for the age.

He says that the engine has all edelbrock parts, all the spark plugs, wires, headers, exhaust, radiator, clutch, transmission(rebuilt) have all been replaced recently.

The T top has no leaks, the body as 180,000km on it.

The owner is asking $4800

Is this a good first muscle car to buy?

I am testing driving it this weekend but thought I would ask your advice.



yes, it can be a fun car. BUT road test it first and check for blue or white smoke out the exhaust when revving it up, and if so, walk away

Thank you Scotty, really appreciate the response!

I will check that and make a decision based on how it drives and the exhaust smoke! Have a lovely day and keep up the hard work, since we discovered your channel on youtube we watch your videos just to learn, even when we aren't fixing anything!