Hi Scotty, love and appreciate for sharing your vast experience knowledge from working with cars.…


Hi Scotty, love and appreciate for sharing your vast experience knowledge from working with cars. IDK (I dont't know) if it even reached you. But however, ask in one shot.

I live in Singapore where car are like close to 100k even for a madza 2. Let me know if you ever come to Singapore, I treat you for dinner and show around the country for the token of gratitude and appreciation you done. The car is Madza 2 sedan, 2016 feb version, the ones that come with i-active engine version

  1. I would like to change the transmission oil, but is the correct and right one as the owner manual only state dealership transmission oil and nothing else. Is it Mercon 5? if so which brand you would you recommend does shell make mercon 5? Thank you very much.

  2. By chance have ever work on Mazda 2 those which are make in Thailand, just like the Misubishi Attrage sedan, what do you think cars make in Thailand? I feel is kind of crappy some parts good, some parts bad. My madza 2 so far 3 years 50,000km run good as I endorse shell oil, haha. But the thing is when its new less than 1-2 yers or the the dash board of the istop could fall off. and now the aircon just after the 3 years warranty mark is leaking refrigerant as it kind of blowing much warmer air in the passenger side which mentioned in your videos. By chance the evaporator is leaking refrigerant, which brand of OEM evapartor could hwkp help source out and recommend pls as the original ones don't last more than 3 years, and the dashboard could drop even with a new one , the mechanic just end up tieing up the dash from behind is better.

  3. Fun qestions for your youtube.

  4. What does think like madza 2,3, Honda civic, mine and your favorite Toyota Corolla cost like a 100k in Singapore? https://www.toyota.com.sg/showroom/new-models/corolla-altis http://www.mazda.com.sg/car/mazda-2/# seeing is believing.

  5. Have you ever visited Singapore for vacation or something, Why not come over here for a visit?

  6. Are cars made in Thailand crappy?

Sincerely hope all reach you well and answered promptly, Thank you very much.