Hi Scotty, Looking for a used car for my son.

Chicago Eddie

Hi Scotty,

My name is Eddie from Chicago ILL.

I came across your vids about a year ago. I’m new to your site and I couldn't locate (Ask Scotty at scottykilmer.com.

I kept getting a page code (404 – Page) as it did not exist.

So I posted my question on your Facebook and after that I went back and to google and finally found the correct page.

I'm looking for a used car for my son I have my eye on the 2003 - 2009 Lexus ES 330 or The RX 330

Which is the best to stick with - RWD, FWD, AWD?

I dont know I had a 96 jeep Grand Cherokee jeep 4.0 AWD - Broke down on the expressway - IDOT said that they can not tow the vehicle off the expressway to a side street because they would rip out my rear end I need to call for a flat bed - I hate AWD no need for all wheel to be engaged at the same time.

On Craigslist I found some for

5,999 06 ES-330 126k Very Clean in/out from picture (No VIN # provided)
7,500 04 RX-330 99800k Very Clean in/out from picture (No VIN # provided)
3,500 03 ES-300 170k Frt bumper paint pealing over all clean (VIN #-?)
7,000 05 RX-330 193700k very clean Has (tow package) (VIN #-?)
5,450 05 RX-330 207k very clean (Vin starts with 2-not made in Japan)
7,495 06 ES-? Miles-? Very clean Eng VVT-i 3.3 (VIN-J)

**6,300 03 ES-300 Fwd 160k Really clean (VIN #-?)
**4,500 05 ES-330 Fwd 155k Rear bumper looks like paint chips - power door locks dont work by remote - check engine light is on, VSC and Track Off -Price negotiable - (Vin #-?)

What do you think?

last two look promising on my end.

The last one looks not bad I was a truck mechanic for a while and worked on enough cars in my time but I don't have the expertise as you do so I can fix the issues if the price is right.

And what do you think about the 155k miles on it?

In your "guesstimate" what do you think if nothing else is wrong something like this should go for?

You highly spoke of the Lexus ES Models and that is what really grabbed my attention.

The Lexus that I have to look out foe are the ones made in Japan the 1st letter in the VIN has to start with J if it does not and it has a number that means it was made in Mexico or somewhere else.

What about the 2004 - 2010 Lexus RX 330 - 350? Does the above VIN J also apply to the RX's?

From doing research I read that the 06 RX's have issues with the rack and pinion, the VVT-I oil cooler lines bursting and dumping all the eng oil out, and some with the A/C Amplifier.

In your past experience is this true? Do the ES models have any of these issues?

Should I stay away from the RS's? If not what should I look for eng, body ect... wise?


In your video “Here's How a Real Mechanic Checks a Used Car Before Buying”.

You showed how to check a used car if it has good or bad compression as well as if the fuel pump is good or not.

The meter you used was the “KKmoon 2-in-1 Intelligent Digital Scope Meter Multimeter”

And the...

AMP prob was the “Precision Diagnostic Instruments (PDI) CA-60 Handheld 60 Amp AC/DC Current Clamp Probe, Red”

I found the meter but when you go on Amazon the PDI AMP prob is currently unavailable.

Can you please tell me what other AMP prob I can use with this meter? What manufacture...model #...and where can I get it?


Do I need to get a different meter?

Also, you never mentioned the make and model of the other prob you used that went into the fuse port where you clamp the amp prob to to check the fuel pump.

Please also let me know where to get that as well and what it is.

One more thing.

Also, which scan tool can you use to see a cars data history?

You mentioned in the video that someone can erase the codes but you still can see the history of the data regardless of them erasing the codes.

Would the Autel MaxiDiag MD806 scan tool preform this?

Do you have a detailed video showing on how to read the history data from a scanner, so if someone is trying to hide something or if they are second or third owner at least you can see spot what they are trying to hide.

Thank you again


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Chicago Eddie
Chicago Eddie

I did look at two Camry's i think they were the XLE models they are close to the Lexus interior set. thanks!

Anthony Zingale
Anthony Zingale

Out of those options, I would go for the 2004 RX330 with 99,800 miles. The vin that starts with a "2" means made in Canada. Scotty has a 2007 Toyota Matrix that was built at the same plant as the Lexus RX.


I would pass on lexus, expensive on repairs as the get high miles. Try camry sturdy 4 cyl. Lexus burns high test, I like the rx though but with under 120k