Hi Scotty. Iv been having a difficult time with figuring out what part needs replaced on my suspension. I have an 08 cobalt LT. My car is clunking over bumps and when I release my brakes. We jacked it up to take a look and because my driver side tire was worn down to far, we switched the tires around till the new ones come in but when we did so we wiggled some stuff and the tire and nothing seemed to be lose. But when we brought the car back down my car seems to be leaning. The space between the tire and wheel well is alot smaller on the driver side then the passenger side. Im pretty sure its the strut but I dont understand why my break would be clunking like that. Please help I already blew threw $120 so far trying to fix the ac heater problems

realize those are total junk wagon cars when 10 years old, period. But I'd swap out the front struts to fix that leaning and then just drive it till it dropped, then junk it.