Hi Scotty! Its me again! 3S-GE 94 Toyota Celica. I got new distributor, same issues. It is slightly better than it was before but still. I have made a video, it might be worth more than a thousand words. In video description you can see every part i changed in the car, also there is a small memo at the end. Have you got any idea what it might be? I think engine might be worn out, didn't check compression yet. But aside from engine worn and bad compression do you think it might be something else? Maybe timing is off? Maybe belt skipped a tooth? Thank you for your time. Video Link:

Video Description From youtube:

Was checked for vacuum leaks with cigar (maybe badly). Did not check compression.

List of Brand new parts in the car:

Ignition - Spark Plugs, Spark Leads, Whole Distributor (Cap, Rotor, Housing), Ignition Coil, Ignition Module

Sensors/Valves - Idle Air Control Valve, Throttle Position Sensor, Lambda Sensor, Air Intake Temperature Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor

Fuel System - Fuel Injectors, Fuel Filter

Others - Air Filter, Catalysator, Couple new gaskets and seals.

It is definitely NOT as she doesn't have it from manufacturer - EGR Valve, Camshaft Position Sensor

do check timing to make sure it's spot on not a tooth off, and do check ccompression, engine may be flat worn out. plus, pressure test the fuel pump to see if it's wek