Hi Scotty, its alright if you get a chuckle on this one


Hi Scotty, its alright if you get a chuckle on this one. I have a 1991 Hyundai Excel
( laughter ) hatchback 1.5 liter fuel injected. I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter under the hood. I had to re use the strainer as I was sent the wrong one but it is in excellent shape. previous to this I had a hard starting problem which went away for a day or two then back to hard starting. I ordered a fuel pump relay which is still in transit. I turned the key to on, had a helper listen at the filler neck and there was no sound. I cranked the engine over several times on short bursts on the starter then it would run and run well at idle and while driving. My next question is as to where the fuel pump relay is located. For a car that should have lasted 3 to 5 years, I have owned it since September of 2000. Not babied and not winter driven. Again just to clarify, The same problem was the same with the old and the new pump. I wouldn't blame you if you deleted this. Thanks for your time Scotty. You do a wonderful job
on explanations. Take care P.S. this vehicle is showing approximately 175,000 miles
282,000 km.. Thanks again.