Hi Scotty! It's amazing what you do, thank you for helping out so many people!!! Car: 2015…


Hi Scotty! It's amazing what you do, thank you for helping out so many people!!!

Car: 2015 Mitsubishi RVR leased, 50,000KM manual (CANADA)

My car was acting weird it seemed to be dragging and my park brake stopped working, brought it to Fountain Tire to get my tires changed to winters. They let me know my rear callipers were seized, my brake pads were at 1MM and my rotors are warped. I brought my vehicle in 4 months before that for an oil change/inspection and my callipers/brakes were fine, brake pads were at 8MM. When I went to the dealership they told me that there was a recall on the park brake and they would fix it. They only fixed the park brake and a spring in the callipers. They said that the calipers seizing have nothing to do with the recall and it's because I didn't remove and lubricate the caliper pins at 24,000K like I am supposed to (they said it was in my scheduled maintenance). I told them about my brakes being inspected in June and they told me that Fountain Tire must have lied on the inspection.

I've reviewed the owners manual, and warranty manual, and scheduled maintenance and I cannot find anything about the callipers needing to be re-lubricated at all. I called the warranty office and they couldn't find it either, and neither could another service manager at a different Mitsubishi dealership.

I feel like the dealership is screwing me around, this seems related to the recall and even when I checked the government of canada recall website it says that the recall defect could cause the park brake to break (it did) and could also cause corrosion in the callipers.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


they are full of crap, recall should have also fixed sticking as parking brakes doing that can wreck it all. Typical scumbag dealer, I though canadians were honest people (lived in TO 4 years as I went to York University.)