Hi Scotty, in May 2016 I decided I wanted to buy a project truck, so I could have a vehicle for when I would get my license in a year. I purchased a 97' F-250 5.8, for that year I did quite a few repairs on the vehicle and I thought it was ready for when I got my license. About a week after I got my license in May of 2017 the engine started doing a surging. It almost seems like I'm feathering the throttle, it idles fine and only does it while accelerating. I brought it to a few mechanics, they all seemed to agree that it was transmission related but none knew what exactly, so I opted to replace the transmission myself, and the problem still persists!!! So far I've replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, rotor, VSS, transmission (E4od), transmission wiring, and fuel pressure is within spec. I don't know what to do this issue has been going on for months and I'm running out ideas and of money please help!!!

Bruins are looking a little weak this year. But it is early. Try to find a guy like me to hook up his dealer level ford scanner to analyze everything. Live data, mode 6 data, historical data. That shows a lot. and realize sometimes it's as simple as a worn out fuel pump which can be pressure and volume tested. good luck

Thanks Scotty, but it's above the 8500 lb gvwr so they were able to use force EEC lV obd1 system so no live data