Hi scotty.. im over in england and sadly own a mk4 ford mondeo 2.0 cdti.. its been the bain of my life since feb 2017 and there havent been many days its been on the road 😔. Latest problem is it wont start, i have had three mechanics look at it and i myself have spent 100's if hours on her.. initial problem was it wouldn't start but I think I ran it out of diesel. I have replaced fuel filter at tank and bled air out of system and it ran for a couple of weeks. Broke down again and had a 're gen done on a snap on.. started on the button after and all problems seemed to temporarily disappear. Now it's died and no matter what I try nothing.. its only done 107,000 miles I gues like 160,000 thousand kilometres. Mechanics have told me there is diesel in engine oil as it topping up somehow?? It's a Peugeot engine apparently?! There is also a lot of oil all around the pump area under engine cover all over gearbox etc etc.when it was running it was like a bag of nails especially when cold coughing and sputtering. I'm at a loss all out of pocket and ideas.. hope you can advise me my friend... cheers

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if diesel is in engine oil, either injectors are flooding it out, OR the head gasket is blowing. And french engines stink anyway. PRAY something is wrong with the injection system, but sadly, takes a diesel pro mechanic to figure that out on modern diesel engines. They are VERY complex