Hi Scotty,

If my car is unused for a little long like 4 to 5 hours, And then if i start it, the AC won't turn on instantly. Although AC light will turn on.

Even Front Fans on Radiator won't turn on. Then after some random time AC compressor will start working and front radiator fans as well. Sometimes it starts working by turning AC button on and off or sometimes Just like that while it is already on. But it takes 5 to 10 minutes approx whatever i do.

When it starts working, it works great without any issue. And if i will turn off car and restart (even if i restart car after an hour or two), it will work immediately. So the issues comes when it says unused for long.

Local Technicians say that Compressor needs to be changed.

pray it's a bad ac clutch relay, it often is. But if not, often it's the compressor going out


It's Camry 2012. i couldn't find AC clutch Relay in Relay Box. But when after starting car i pushed compressor sensor plug a bit, radiator fans started and compressor also started as soon as i touched that sensor. What are your thoughts on this?