Hi Scotty. I was given a 2006 PT Cruiser in April of this year. While I'm driving my battery light comes on, sometimes it takes a while for it to come on. Three days ago, it waited to come on, when I've gotten home. I had my car checked three times and I was told that my battery, alternator and starter are good. I have gotten the following codes on my car, when my check engine light was on almost a month ago (P0700. P0882 and P1603), but my engine light went off on it's on and never came back on - I didn't clear no codes - I just drove the car. Two weeks ago, due to my light coming on, the lady at Auto Zone wanted to check to see if I had any codes stored, even if the engine light wasn't on. She has gotten the same codes that I did.

What can cause the battery light to come on, if there is nothing wrong with the battery, alternator or starter?

I have another problem too. Last night, I've found out that I have an oil leak. Today, I had my car inspected to see where the leak was coming from and the tech told me that he didn't see any leaks, it's dry under my car. I told him, that I know I have a leak. That I had put a cardboard box under my car last night, to verify that I had seen oil under my car last night and that the cardboard box had oil on it. The oil is brown and to the front. I had checked my engine oil three days ago and it was good. I've checked my power steering oil today and it's good.

What should I check for to see where the oil is coming from?

Thank you in advance.

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Buy a UV Dye Leak detection kit for the oil leak. Follow instructions. Start there. Otherwise its just a guessing game.