Hi Scotty, I’ve started watching your videos recently and have become a fan. I have also realized that you are located in Houston and so am I (well, Sugar Land). So I figured you would be the best source of information for my questions.

For one, I couldn’t find where your shop was located anywhere online, though I may not have looked hard enough. My first question is what’s your shop called and where is it located? So I have somewhere to take a car if and when I have troubles in the city.

My second question is if you have any suggestions for good mechanics in the Sugar Land or Missouri City area that are located closer to me? Just so I don’t have to drive to the city for maintenance stuff and whatnot.

My final question is if you or someone else you recommend could look at any car(s) I might be interested in buying throughout the next week? I trust you as well as anyone else you recommend.

Again, I’m a fan and believe that you give the best and most reliable advice, which is why I am asking you. Any response would be appreciated and you could also reach me at albertonajera6@gmail.com. Thanks

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Scotty is located in/near downtown Houston. For Appts. use this and put "Car Repair Appt. Request" in SUBJECT line: scottykilmer@gmail.com