Hi Scotty, I've got a 2007 Ford Mustang convertible V6, with pony package and shaker radio with a…


Hi Scotty, I've got a 2007 Ford Mustang convertible V6, with pony package and shaker radio with a recent battery drain. 140K miles.

Replaced the brake light switch about 2 months ago because the old one kept the brake lights on and drained the battery completely. It was slow charged and I've had no problems until today, after sitting just one day.

I noticed the wipers were going much slower than they usually do. Made a short trip of 40 miles and then I got "clicks" with the radio first (using spotify through my samsung S9 - direct connection), radio went dead, got a low battery warning on the radio, CD Player started switching through slots, just as I pulled in my driveway and then all electrical died with the car running. No lights, windows etc. I let it sit running for about 20 min and then all of a sudden all the electrical started up again. I gratefully rolled up my windows, let it run for a couple more minutes and then shut it off.

I run a dashcam, but only when I'm driving. Never when it's parked since it has a backup power supply to record any accidents while it's parked.

I checked the battery connection and although one terminal has a crack in it, I was told that wouldn't affect it being charged. The battery is 2 years old and the alternator was replaced about the same time.

I plan on checking the fuses, battery & alternator to see if there is an issue there, but I'm stumped at why a seemingly charged battery would "die" and then have everything start up again. I don't know a lot about cars, but I do like to be able to fix as many things as I can. Can you help a gal out?

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Thanks Scotty, I really appreciate the response! The terminal checked out ok for now (see pic) but 4 hours later, lots of bad words said over finding the right deep pocket socket & now I have a new alternator, with a lifetime warranty this time. I know I'll need to replace the terminals soon, but I just ran out of time tonight.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


cracked battery terminal can do all that, replace that first and check all connections