Hi Scotty I’ve got a 2002 Ford Windstar 112,000 miles. Going over 40 mph it sputters on acceleration but sorta calms out around 60+ so long as I don’t accelerate hard or go up heavy hills. Check engine light on, mechanics say it could be bad catalytic converter, throttle position sensor, pcv valve, mass air flow sensor, carbon build up, bad plugs and wires or transmission issues. I’ve got no issues starting up & before 30 mph. No rough idle. I’m afraid to begin throwing all this money at all these different “could Be” issues. Could you guess at what it could be? Thanks for all you do.

My opinion is to change PCV valve and buy Gum Out Multisystem Tune up, they only cost around $10. Change the valve and put Gum Out in your gas tank then drive the car bit aggressive ( caution for traffic safety). After that if you can DIY then clean the valve by watching people on youtube and hook up scan tool to check things and ask Scotty. If you change transmission fluid regularly, it should not be tranmission issue.

Is the gum out better than Lucas tune up in a bottle?

I havent tried out Lucas cleaner so I dont have any credible evidence to compare. But you can google on amazon to ask these people over there. I only see my mechanic use lucas oi stabilizer to cure an aging engine of BMW :) I bought my Gumout at walmart for $6.47 and $4 PCV valve at the Autozone. Gumout is a brand specialise on cleaning additives for valves and engine while Lucas has wide range of products. So to me I go for the Gumout and may consider certain products of Lucas like oil stabilizer and transmission fix.

what are your scan codes?your at 100k have you been doing the required maintenance in your car manual? sounds like cheapest things first...start by cleaning throttle body...mechanic ina can does not really fix things but a real mechanic can fix things...be careful with additives when they coat your oxy sensors you will cry...scan for codes first...then get all your schedualed maintenace done...its worth it*