Hi Scotty,
I saw your video, “Picking The Right Oil Filter For Your Car” and wanted to get the Premium Guard Extended Life filter that you recommended. Unfortunately, Premium Guard doesn’t make the Extended Life filter for my vehicle.

My 2013 Subaru Impreza Base with CVT has been using Subaru OEM 15208AA15A oil filters with a 23 PSID bypass valve. In my further research I read comments that aftermarket oil filters do not exactly meet Subaru’s PSID OE spec except for Beck/Arnley. Other premium filter that are close are: 1.) Purolator PureOne PL14615 with a 20 – 30 PSID, 2.) NAPA Gold 7055/WIX 57005 with a 27 PSID and 3.)Fram Ultra XG3614 with a 13 PSID.

I also emailed Subaru asking them if I could use these and they replied, “At this time, Subaru of America, Inc. cannot recommend that you use any oil filter other than a genuine Subaru filter.”

For maximum engine life, is it safe to use premium aftermarket oil filters that do not exactly match Subaru’s OE spec on PSID? You previously had recommended that I stick with the Subaru CVT fluid instead of aftermarket fully synthetic so I’m wondering if this might also be the case for oil filters.


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bunch of nonsence, any quality filter can be used like mobil 1 or pennzoil top filters. Subaru is full of crap on that one