Hi Scotty! I recently changed rear brake shoes in drum/disc brakes hybrid in my 94 celica. Where pedal brakes with brake pads and drum part is only used for handbrake. However after putting drum brakes back together, parking brake was weak so i adjusted it with screwdriver going trough rotor like toyota advised and turning adjuster. It said to adjust until rotor will not rotate anymore and go back 8 notches.

The problem is whenever rotor stopped and i couldn't adjust anymore i could still rotate rotor by putting some more strength into it. Problem is after doing so rotor was rotating easily once again. So i had to adjust drum again. So what i did i just tightened it up, went back 8 notches and put the wheels back on. Parking brake was strong and all, but after using it couple times it became weak again very quickly.

Problem is when drum brake is tight and holding rotor like it should, rotating it by using strength and hands (or any car movment) causes it to be weak again almost instantly. It don't think it has any auto adjusting features that might be going wrong. It was all good before i took it apart and put back together. I am 90% also sure that adjuster is put back in the correct way but i might be wrong since its the only explaination i came up with. What should i do? Thank you.

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odds are you got crappy shoes made too small. Get oem factory ones