Hi scotty. I recently acquired a 1993 Lexus LS400. I have been having power issues. Well, and other issues. The car is in very good shape and for a 93 the mileage is low. And seems to have been taken care of mostly. Anyway, anything above 3000 rpm and it skips. BUT, sometimes I can get a perfect acceleration. There's a code for 'lean' in the computer, but being odb1, I also have to deal with it being and old car. And 2018/odb2 mechanics that need a computer to tell them whats wrong. I have removed and replaced, air filter, driver side rotor and cap. On inspection of rotor. Was ok. Passenger set was more complicated.. And didn't try yet. I am leaning to possibly oxy sensor. You probably did a vid on that I forgot about. Also thought MAF and to clean it. But any cleaners state not to use on Lexus 'vortex' type MAF. Just replace it?? Another car I can't get over 80 mph. thats where 3000 rpm is. < Thats the answer, what happens with this car at 3000rpm... My last car would overheat exactly at 80 mph. 79 mph all day. push it 80 exactly and you need a cool down. I know that was from a failing cooling system.. This is different... Any help appreciated. Glad to have come across your videos.