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Hi Scotty I really love the channel-your videos are very helpful and I'm a dedicated fan I have a project I want to work on. I kind of want to do a muscle car build which will be my secondary car to my 2016 Camry. What I plan on doing is buying a car really cheap with probably a lot of miles on the clock, flip it, sell it and then buy something somewhat nicer until I have something with let's say less than 30-50k on the clock. I'm an OTR truck driver so this will be a no rush project I'm thinking of this as a resto project budget build that I may keep forever

The products I'm thinking of getting are as follows;

  1. 9th Gen. Impala SS/ ex. law enforcement cars (9C1) (This would seem to be cheaper and I'm very familiar with it).

  2. 2004 and up Dodge Charger muscle Car Packages/ ex-police cars (Chryslers do seem to be more expensive but more solid than Chevy).

  3. 2013-2017 Chevrolet SS 4dr. sed. (Base) these seem to be even more expensive).

  4. 1998-2011 Crown Vic. P71 ex Police Car (Out of service law enforcement cars maybe difficult to get my hands on).

  5. And lastly the 2013- present Caprice ( these are mostly cop cars- again they may be difficult to get my hands on).

I was also thinking of 6th. and 7th. gen Caprice and Impala, And 2nd. Gen. Lumina LS/LTZ. (my concerns here are that they are officially antiques and may require a lot of powertrain mods).

Please let me know what you think/ any advise on any of this project

Thank You So Much.


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


crown vic


Dont touch the cop chevy. Weak cars i worked for sheriffs office , lots of issues with chevyx

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