Hi Scotty, i own a Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD 3.0 218HP (Mercedes engine OM642). ODO: 136000Km Year:…


Hi Scotty,

i own a Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD 3.0 218HP (Mercedes engine OM642). ODO: 136000Km Year: 2005 I was the only owner.

Since September 2017 the car was taken through multiple repair shops without any success. Now i got the car out of the last repair-shop the same way i got it in, but with a lot of money spent.("Money Pit") What happened: The car started throwing a P0087 (low fuel pressure) code MIL ON and a red flashing lightning-bolt sign. replaced all the injectors, all the sensors(lots of cash), the swirl motor, the turbo and actuator, EGR valve etc (almost all that's attached to the engine and has a plug). Result: Still P0087 at acceleration (+bonus Limp mode until i clear the code) There is also a roughness when rev-ing the engine. When i drive it(slowly accelerating - not to trigger the limp mode), it accelerates smooth then it starts to shake a bit like it's lacking power then resumes and the behavior repeats until about 100+ km/h, where it triggers the limp mode.(also triggered instantly by hard acceleration).Checked the low pressure pump, high pressure pump, replaced the fuel rails, filter. I took it to another shop where they told me that at the test drive the camshaft "rotated loose by itself" and had to be replaced (including the rockers). They also checked all previous parts and tried with another ECU => same result. I tried to access all the modules in the car with a borrowed scan-tool an it worries me that i see now other errors that pop up intermittently. I'm on the verge to "ix" it with a big hammer but the only things that hold me back are the amount spent till now and hope. Everybody seems to be out of ideas. (funny story: Mercedes told me they cant help cause it's a Jeep, got to Jeep(FIAT) => hey it's a Mercedes engine and so on) Any help/Ideas would be appreciated