Hi Scotty I own a automatic 2011 Honda CR-V


Hi Scotty I own a automatic 2011 Honda CR-V. Went thru a off road trail and got stuck in what seemed to be a shallow puddle. Unfortunately I’m not under full coverage so I’m stuck in a big hick up. Hope I can find some help on here. Once the car got stuck I attempted putting it in 3rd, 2nd , and L gear but nothing worked. As I panicked from seeing all the water getting in thru the door I put the car in reverse but soon realized some smoke coming from under the hood. At that moment I shut off the car and put in in neutral in hopes of being able to push it out but nothing worked. I turned the car back on while sitting in the puddle and began hearing a unfamiliar noise so I turned it back off.. luckily I was able to get help after a few hours of sitting in the puddle. Now I have the car sitting outside and it won’t crank.. my first question is the car Savable.. what can I do to see how bad the damage is. Also I’ll gladly appreciate any pointers.. I literally have no idea how severe this problem is but I can only imagine. Believe me this is the worst timing in my life to deal with this matter