Hi Scotty

I own a 2014 Range Rover 5.0 Supercharged V8 with 275/45/21 Y 110 XL tires

I want to decrease rim size to 20" from 21" for comfort. The car's air suspension is very comfortable but the large rims and thin sidewalls means that I feel a lot of cracks and small bumps way too much for this type of car.

The correct tire size to keep the overall diameter the same is 275/50/20

I found the following tires:

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All season
275/50/20 109 H

Does it matter that it does not have an XL rating because the tire load rating 109 vs 110 is very similar? (my car is also offered from factory with 108 load tires if optioned with 22" rims, so logically 109 should do?). More generally is the XL rating important or is load capacity more important?

I know the speed rating H vs Y is decreased (130 MPH vs 186) but seeing as I do not drive at 150 MPH that should not matter, correct?

Thank you for your help!

Yes, if you do not drive like a mad demon those tires are fine