Hi Scotty. I own a 2006 jeep liberty 3.7l . In short I keep getting a p0344 code (cam sensor intermittent) to spite changing both the cam and crank sensors.and completely going over all the wiring from the sensors to the ECM and back.with a digital meter all checks out.I guess the only thing left would be the ECM itself. Am I right,?? Also the car bucks at times when driving.and the idle is a bit lumpy at idle..i was told the a RELEARN,or FLASH on the ECM might be the cure..im at the end of the rope with this thing.any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Scotty...

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ecm or wiring from ecm will do that. BUT, realize a worn timing chain can do that first, if it's high mileage that often happens. Have the timing checked first