Hi Scotty,

I own a 2005 Honda Accord EX (2.4L, 4 cylinder), manual transmission, with 96000 miles, maintained meticulously. The car has spent its lifetime in the heat of southern california, but I've just moved to Chicago this year. We have been having some very cold nights recently, and sometimes when I start it up first thing in the morning, it really feels like it is struggling to stay on. It usually won't turn on on the first crank, on the second crank it will turn on, then idles at a low RPM 500-600ish and really sputters ( but doesn't turn off). Once it warms up, and I get going, the issues resolve. The best way i can describe it is like waking up a really old fragile man on cold morning who doesn't want to get out of bed. Just feels shaky and pissed off... until i get going

I'm using the recommended 5W-20 oil (pennzoil platinum), last radiator flush done at 80000 miles, coolant and oil look ok now. I've never changed the spark plugs. any advice?

Thank you very much kind sir, looks easy enough and I’ll give it a shot! I’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude to you for doing all this work you’re doing for all of us. Thanks and god bless you!