Hi Scotty, I'm the original owner of a 1999 Dodge Caravan 3.3L V6 FWD Flex Fuel w/ ~95K miles. (1) Shifting out of P to R or D often feels like it gets caught on something. (2) Lately, once in D or R the clutch sometimes hesitates to drop and it thinks it's in neutral. Once on the road, shifting is perfectly smooth and normal. (I also need to change the rack n pinion assembly (leak from rack), but don't wanna do that if it needs a new tranny.) NOTE: can't afford to drive it into a canal here in NOLA. Any suggestions (other than driving it into said canal up the road) would be appreciated. --Michele M.

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classic signs of tranny starting to wear out. If you can get money for it selling it now, do so. If not, big repair in the near future