Hi Scotty, I'm new here. I watched a few videos of yours and found them to be well worth the time.…


Hi Scotty, I'm new here. I watched a few videos of yours and found them to be well worth the time. Thanks for being you man! So onto the issues.

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7l V8 and the ABS light is on. I took your advise on buying a bluedriver OBD2 scan tool and it is very nice, but it can't read the ABS codes due to a manufacture putting the ABS on the K line, or thats what the bluedriver tech said.

Note that I had a "hydraulic pump circuit failure" show up on my report on the first 3 scans when I first used the bluedriver scan tool. The tech said that this was impossible and he had never seen this happen so he couldn't help me out. He offered for a free return though....

Do you know of this issue with ABS codes not readable on some early 2000 jeeps? My main thing is, what do I do know? Is there a way to meter each sensor, or a way to check the sensors, pump or ABS module itself? I did check every fuse with a meter inside and in the engine bay and all fuses are good. I would think the fuse would be bad on something if it was anything besides the sensors, but I read that you cant just read the ohms on them like a lot of other sensors. I came back to the drawing board at this point and started an internet search that didn't give me what I need to know.

Of course any and all help would be great since I am on a fixed low income and cant afford the shop fixing it unless I have 0 other options. Thanks for your time with this! I know you are a busy man, so I want you to know that I do truly thank you for any help you may give on this.

Keep on doin what you do!

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I understand the importance of the ABS system hence my tring to fix the issue rather than removing the bulb from the ABS indicator like most people recommend. I also get that this is only a $99 scan tool as well so it's not going to do everything out there. I know that it could be a great many things going on, I am asking how to test each of the devices that make up the system in order to find the fault manually. I have found information to do the tests on some ABS system devices, but I couldn't find the information that would be needed for my exact ABS system devices. The info I did find on my Jeep only talked about how this system on my Jeep was different than others (mostly about the ABS sensors ohms readout isn't the same as others (900-1300 ohms)). I am not saying you are wrong here about having someone with experience and tools do this, but I am saying that that isn't the case 100% of the time. Its not hard to change out parts and follow detailed instructions for the average person thats pretty handy. I am exceedingly handy with lots of knowledge from school, training, work, my own personal experience, and college which all cover lots of different topics so I do feel completely comfortable doing this on my own without a $2000 + tool to tell me exactly what the problem is. I have a modo that I live by, the person that says "That is impossible" is usually proven wrong by the person saying "i just did it" and I promise you I have been the latter of the two 99% of the time. The other 1% I got lazy lol.

I was hopeful that I could get someone that either knew the specs or could find out the specs I would need to test the sensors and maybe the ABS module from work or something using alldata or one of the other programs that contain such information since I don't have anyway to access that information. Can either Techsus or Scotty pass this info over to me?

The other thing I asked about was the issue there is supposed to be with this ABS system reporting on the k band on pin 7 of the OBD2 port instead of on pin 2 of the OBD2 port as its supposed to do (the bluedriver tech explained the issue as I just did but I may not have gave the correct pin on the OBD2 port). The tech told me one of the plants programmed the boards wrong for awhile before they found this issue. Would either of you @Techsus @[Scotty Kilmer] or someone else that knows be able to tell me if this is correct and if so is there a fix for that already?

Thanks for your quick replies and I hope to hear from one of you guys or someone else that has this information soon!

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


yep, all true advice


You need access to a Dealer-level scan tool, either at Dealership or professional honest mechanic. You cannot DIY-repair your own ABS system, it's too complicated. But --first you need reliable Codes, not from $99 BlueDriver. E.g., FYI:
26NOV2018 broadcast SK replied to this question: "Q. Dangerous Winter coming; 2001 5.9-L. V-8 Durango 4x4 rear brakes lock up when I drive SLOW, ABS kicks in almost causing a CRASH new parts installed already? 18-yrs. old? SK. A.: Although a relatively simple ABS system, you CANNOT do anything w/out a HIGH LEVEL SCAN TOOL! There is no DIY on this. Watch my VIDEO: "FIXING ABS BRAKE PROBLEMS ON YOUR CAR". You'll need a new x431 Scan Tool from Launch Technology (Amazon $1,149.00) works well on ABS, sensor problems, modulator. You got to get the DATA even if you're not going to DIY it."