Hi Scotty,
I’m looking for a solution to the P0498 error code for my 2009 Honda Pilot. I had several others pointing to the oxygen sensors and replaced all 4. Could you offer any advice on my next move to resolve the remaining error code P0498?
“P0498 indicates the evaporative emission system vent control electrical circuit signal had low low voltage for a predetermined period of time. “
Autozone’s suggested parts are fuses. There are no failed fuses...

Many Thanks!

that has nothing to do with oxygen sensors, your advisers are Fools. you either have a bad evap valve on the evap system, or a wiring short to ground on that system.

Here are the pre and Post alarm codes I obtained from the auto parts place. It first pointed to o2 sensors. I replaced the front two first. I still had the codes so, I replaced the back two. I still have the codes only this time it says fuses... I really appreciate your feed back. Please let me know if you can determine any additional solution from these 2 pictures of the alarm codes. Thank you and I really enjoy your repair videos!