Hi Scotty! I’m from Hungary. I have a Toyota Celica 1.8 VVT-i (same as GT in US) '99 European…


Hi Scotty! I’m from Hungary. I have a Toyota Celica 1.8 VVT-i (same as GT in US) '99 European model, with 1ZZFE engine. (the attached photo were made at the dealer’s yard. It had 200.000 km in it then, now it has 246.000) I bought it in 2017. the engine was burning oil 1l/1000 km (about 1 quart / 650 miles). I thought It won’t be a problem, an engine rebuild will solve it… (I bought it, because there were no signs of rust on the body or chassis – so the car was in good condition and still good!) I have a car mechanic friend – who specialized to old cars – so he renewed the engine, changed the oil rings, bearings, drilled additional oil drain holes to the pistons, and also rebuilt the valve system (valve head was machined, valve bearings replaced, etc.), There were no signs of wear on the cylinder walls. So full engine renew was done. We checked and cleaned the PCV valve and the throttle body too – all seemed operational. Unfortunately doesn’t solved the oil burning. Now the oil burn “stabilized” at 1l / 2200 km (about 1 quart at 1400 miles). We used premium 10W40 oil, because the factory recommended oil was worse. Now we falled back to 5W30, as you recommended in one of your videos. There is no significant difference between oils. The catalytic converter low performance error code also came up – maybe the massive oil consumption caused this. Oh, the Lamda sensors were replaced too. Now I have some questions, about how to proceed with this car, I need some advice about what shall I do with this… My mechanic recommended to rebuild the engine again, using new design pistons of post-facelift Celica (after 2003). I’ve seen forums about it, and many people recommended to swap to a facelift model’s engine. They stated, that in these facelift engines Toyota corrected this problem, and so doesn’t suffer from oil consumption. According to my mechanic’s information, this is because the 2003+ 1ZZFE pistons’ skirt are longer, and therefore it allows less piston tilting, also has different and better oil rings, and more and bigger oil drain holes. They also increased the oil capacity somehow for the facelift model. So what do You think about it?

  •      Should I rebuild the engine? 
  •      Try to find a facelift used engine and swap engine? 
  •      Or live with the oil consumption (In this case, should I change the catalytic converter to a new one?, Or the new one will be ruined in short time, because of the oil burning???) 

Or forget all of it, and try to sell the car?? (I love this bastard Celica anyways :) )