Hi scotty. I'm a subscriber to your YouTube channel and I've meaning to ask you about a problem that I have on a 2007 suburban 5.3L 4x4, 134xxx miles.

I purchased it about 3 weeks ago, and every time I go to pump gas, it stops and stops and stops and takes forever to fill. so, I replaced the vent solenoid and tried again, did the same thing. I still needed to fill up and eventually did, but when I go inside the truck, the fuel gauge is not longer working, and got P0463 and P0461.

I've accidentally emptyed the carbon canister due to a bad youtube video, literally emptied all carbon beads.

now I took the tank down, flushed all the vent lines that were all full of carbon beads (it took a while and a lot of pressure to get them clear.

I want to flush the vent line that goes to the engine bay, but not sure which one it is.

I have also purchased a new fuel sending unit with float.

anything else you suggest?

I want to: make sure the engine codes clear, be able to pump normally and gas gauge to work again.

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Any way those beads getting in the system could've affected your Fuel Pump in any way?