Hi Scotty,

I’m a new mechanic in Ontario Canada, started a year and a half ago. I’m 32 years old so I got a late start in all this! Working at an independent garage I work on so many different cars so I love to watch your videos and always chuckle when you tell it how it is. Especially when it comes to the worst designs for engines, transmissions and the car in general. I especially enjoy the stories of your grandfather at the garage back in the day.

This summer, I fixed a simple oil pan gasket on a GM 3.9L, in an Uplander van and it ended up taking me a day and a half. It was so hard to get around the frame and the motor. Could barely get a hand in there let along my arm!! and there was so many things to take off just to get the oil pan out. There was a separate assembly for the oil filter housing, AC compressor bolted into the oil pan, cv axle, a lower engine mount that was so greasy it was falling apart! And that had to be disassembled piece by piece down low while the engine was held up by a jack & stands. All attached to the oil pan! I looked it up later on the computer and it calls for 7.3 hours labour! It took me double that.

So I’m wondering if you remember a tough part of a car or a silly design that just makes you shake your head. Another one I can think of is the Chevy Trucks snapping a leaf spring in the rear left but they put a bolt in such a way so you have to drop the fuel tank to have enough room to back the bolt out to change the leaf spring!

Anywho, I very much enjoy your channel and wish you many more days of lost 10mm sockets

Thank you