Hi scotty!

I'm a huge fan of yours and have seen almost Every single video you've got! I'm sending this email in regards of My car which I need Help with. I've got a Volvo s40 2002 1.6, and i changed My Vvt a day Ago but there's still this knocking sound. I changed the engine oil and filter aswell. The workshop guys changed all of it and they told me there's nothing wrong with the car. Another workshop told me i need to drive the car more with the oil change(engine) because it hasnt been driven alot because it was owned by Two elder seniors which barely drove it. Should i trust the workshops advice and try driving it more because they changed 2 vvts and they Said theres nothing wrong, Help me please? Is it safe to drive the car, because I've been driving it to work lately and it works propert. Thank you in advance:)! P.S: I also sent the video with this email aswell so you can listen to how it sounds.

Best regards Dominique! :)

yes, put in a tank of shell V power gas and drive it a couple hours at full highway speed, that often cleans em out