Hi Scotty,
I'm a huge fan of the show- it is excellent.
I have to go against your advice and purchase a used luxury car for my business. It's a 2014 Audi A8 with 30k on the odometer. I am aware I'm taking on some big costs down the road if something goes wrong with all the tech in the car.
The dealership (non audi) I'm purchasing from seems very reputable, and they offer a 6 year warranty through a company called first automotive for 6 years/100k at around $5k.
I called the warranty company and they said as long as I keep up with the required maintenance, I should be protected from a huge cost down the road. They will be paying the dealership directly, and I can take to any reputable mechanic in the country and even an audi dealer with no deductible.
Do you have any opinions on these warranties? Are they a bad idea?

Thanks in advance.


bad idea to buy the car, and price what the "required maintenance" costs before plonking down that money.I do not trust any insurance policy, which is what you are buying. They are in it to make money, not to pay for expensive audi repairs on your car.