Hi Scotty, I LOVE your YouTube videos. Your delivery is on point and I love to here your passion about cars.

My 1st question was should I continue with my purchase of this 2006 Acura TSX? It had 279861 miles. It needs some minor work that the dealer planned to do. It already passed VA inspection.  But because I live in MD, I was getting it inspected in my state. 

I understand via the car fax that it was in three accidents (no structural damage) and that not all accidents result in collisions with another vehicle. I an pissed because had I known this prior I might not have gotten it.

What do you think?

Part 2, I ended up NOT getting the car, my choice because the guy lied and would not give me the car fax until my check cleared the bank and this dealer took a portion of my money saying it was a processing fee. There was nothing processed and their was nothing in the contract that said it was nonrefundable.

I value your opinion that's why I'm asking you. I wish I had asked you prior to me giving him my money. 

Please advise and thanks a bunch!

Shafeqah (Fee)

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I'd pass. You're ALREADY having misgivings. Three accidents? Forget it. Nearly 300,000-mi.? Forget it. If automatic transmission, triply forget it. Find a better one. Get a Toyota while you're at it.