I love your videos, I watch them everyday. I have one question and one issue to ask for your expertise help. What is the purpose of the Over Drive button on the shift handle on a 2006 Highlander Ltd? Should I leave it ON at all times? Or engaged it when I reach speed at 50 MPH?

The other issue I am having is, recently I cleaned the Throttle Body, MAF sensor; changed air filter on my 2005 Sienna with about 125k miles. Before the cleaning of the Throttle Body - the RPM idle was at about 550-600 RPM. I didn't feel any shaking of the engine on the steering wheel at all. After I cleaned the TB, the RPM went back to 700-800. It lasted for about a week or so. Now it occasionally fluctuate between 600 - 750 rpm. What can be the cause?

Thank you for your advice.


leave it on, it gets better gas mileage when it shifts into OD at higher speeds. As for idle, let it run a couple weeks, the computer often has to reset idle after cleaning. If it fluctuates after then, check for vacuum leaks

Thank you for the advice. As for the OD feature - what's the purpose of having it being OFF before I get up to high speed?

Scotty, is the Lucas fuel injectors cleaner a good brand to use? I saw at Wal-Mart and they have a 1 gallon for $30. Would it do any damage if use it too often? Thanks...Tim. Happy Thanksgiving!