Hi Scotty I just wanna preface by saying thank you for making your videos. I never had the chance to learn much about cars growing up so having your channel is invaluable in learning the jist of basically all things car-related. Anyway here is my problem.

I (really my parents) have a 2000 Honda Passport with 150k miles on it and it has a weird problem.
Occasionally, if I start the car cold in cold weather, the car goes bananas if I try to step on the gas at all. It does not like to rev up at all (it seems like it can't respond to the gas pedal) and when I try to step on the gas, the engine decides to go nuts and run at different RPMs seemingly every other second. Strangely enough, when the engine gets up to operating temperature, it runs just fine though.The heck is going wrong?

I got 3 codes:

P0300 Random Misfire detected
P1311 ION Sensing Module Secondary Line 1 Circuit Malfunction
P1312 ION Sensing Module Secondary Line 2 Circuit Malfunction

My google adventure has told me that it's either bad spark plugs or bad ignition coils and the sheet AutoZone gave me told me it's the intake manifold gasket that needs replacing. But neither of those don't make sense to me as the car runs fine in operating temperature so I want to guess it's something electrical. I'm clueless where to go from here.

Thank you.

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Thanks! I'll do an ignition test when the car decides to go bananas again!



Knowing hondas, I'd try new ignition coils. sure sounds electronic to me.