Hi Scotty I just received a 2000 Toyota Celica gt as a car I am wanting to fix up trying to get to the bottom of a p0171 code I found an intake leak on cylinder 1 I fixed that intake leak and also changed the mass air flow sensor figured that would do it my numbers came down a bit on the long term fuel trim from 33.4 to 18 now tripping p0125 code when that happened I looked at the scanner had 0 to 0.050 to flat 0s on the bank 1 sensor 1 my bank 1 sensor 2 was 0.685 to 0.850 short term fuel trim was at 19.5 seems like when it gets hot the o2 sensor on bank s1 flatlines any thoughts on what you would do?

I would first change the intake gasket on the manifold, a known flaw on those. And I would also pressure clean the fuel injectors, another known flaw

I did the gasket on the manifold car did run a bit better I'm guessing you got a video on the injectors I'm hoping to fix this car very fun to drive thanks