Hi Scotty!

I just changed brakes (not including rotors) on my 2008 Toyota Highlander within the last 8 weeks. I bought aftermarket from Autozone, top of the line, ceramic ones, all 4 brakes changed out. 2 days ago I turned a corner and heard a loud grinding noise, sounded like from the front passenger, wheel…the sound was as if the rotor was being scraped by a worn off brake pad...I've heard that noise a time or 2. lol A few minutes later, I stopped at a light, and it was even louder. Now it’s not doing it. What could it be? Is it possible they didn’t put the brakes on correctly and they are messed up?

Thanks Scotty!


if you used the old rotors, they wear an edge and when you corner hard, the new pads will often hit that edge. Recheck your work, but if it's all on right, that's it

Thanks Scotty. I took the car back to the place that did the brakes this past Saturday, they checked everything, couldn't locate any parts that had been grinded on...however, he noticed the noise coming from the drivers side front, not the passenger as I thought. In his review of the brakes, he immediately asked if I had other work done recently. I had the left cv axle replaced and new seal type t oil, 2wks ago as p/Don Mcgill, it was spewing oil/lubricate all over the place. The mechanic from Saturday said it was 1 of 2 things - 1. the axle was not placed all the way in (??) and therefore was grinding or 2. the ball bearings in the brakes needed to be replaced. Before I call Don McGill, I want to sound as if I somewhat know what I'm speaking of, what are your thoughts? What should I tell them, so it can be fixed properly?