Hi Scotty, I just bought a new 2017 Hyundai Sonata. This is the first car that I've ever owned and I'm quite excited about it. The fact is, I have read about Carbon build-up on my GDI engine and I worry about it more than any other. I am now at 3500 kms and I will have my first service at 5000 kms.

The service probably only includes changing the oil. I have seen you did the CRC GDI cleaning. Would it be advisable to use the CRC at 5000 kms as a preventive measure to prevent excessive carbon build up? I've read somewhere that CRC is only good at removing about 46% of the carbon build-up. Could you show us the result of how much build-up CRC has removed?

I've also seen walnut blasting and I think it's the most effective method of removing carbon build-up. Could you please do a walnut blasting tutorial on Hyundai Sonata 2017?

Thank you.

Yes, I would use the crc every 5000 miles or so to stop build up. Of course walnut blasting works, but you have to take the engine apart to do that, a BIG job