Hi Scotty I installed a reversecam into my Suzuki Baleno/Esteem, all works fine, but I also wanted to add a switch so I can put it on to check what's behind me when towing stuff or carrying bikes ect. Now I tried and connected it like this:

, All I got was the parking lines and a white screen, tried yesterday nothing, on the screen:no signal message. Some friend suggested to use a special toggle switch, so I don't need diodes I used diodes so if I put the reverse cam on, the reverselights won't come on. I have a 3 pin rocker switch with control light. Can I use that one, it's a 12 volt 16 A. Can you tell me how to get it wired and working ,only a switch, 1 diode only for reverse light or 2? I am at a loss. Need a simple workable solution. Thank you very much, maybe an idea for one of your videos???

Best regards from the Netherlands,


I have no idea how those screens work, I've only every put em on to work with reverse light power triggering them to come on. So heck, send power to the reverse light power wiring using a toggle switch. Sure, the back up lights will come on but who really cares about that minor flaw