Hi Scotty,
I hope you’re having a great start to your week! My name is Amber and I’m part of the Digital Marketing team at AMMEX (a Seattle-based disposable glove company). Our email marketing coordinator loves watching your videos and he noticed that you always wear disposable gloves. That’s awesome! We love to see car enthusiasts using proper protection when handling auto chemicals and greasy parts.
Would you be willing to try our Gloveworks HD Raised Diamond Texture Gloves? (https://ammex.com/featured-products/) If you like them, we’d like to partner with you through our associate program to promote the use of disposable gloves for auto work. We have a couple compensation models that may interest you.

But first, I’d love to send you a few boxes of the gloves so you can give them a try.


sure,I'm game, Send any products to On The Road With Scotty, 1141 West bell st, houston, tx 77019 and make them all large gloves